We work relentlessly to ensure that your account works without any interruptions. It is highly unlikely for an account to be suspended without a valid reason. There are a few things you can crosscheck at your end for a seamless hosting experience.

If your hosting account was suspended for a reason not known to you, please check:

1. Your sign up information. If you’ve filled in placeholder information that is not true, that might have caused your account to be suspended. So double-check that you filled everything out correctly while signing up.
2. Contact details including your email id. If you filled out an incorrect email id, that might lead to suspending your account, so make sure you’ve filled in the right details.

In case everything looks good and your account is still suspended, it might be for the following reasons.

5 Possible Reasons For Your Account Suspension/Termination

1. DNS Pointed : First of all check the domain which you added weather its pointed with hostingseekers name server or not.

2. No login: In case you are on a free hosting plan and you haven’t logged in for 60 days, it might lead to suspending your account. Therefore, it is important for you to use your account actively and log in at least once in 60 days.
3. Missed reminders: Even after not logging in for 30 days, you’ll receive the first reminder requesting you to login into the web panel to confirm that you wish to use your account. We also send out another reminder with the same request after 15 days after the first reminder if you still haven’t logged in. And then a final reminder after the next 15 days. In case of no action, your account might be suspended.
4. Multiple accounts: If you signed up for multiple accounts or have duplicate accounts of more than one account, this might appear suspicious and your account might be suspended.
5. Phishing content: If we identify any phishing content on your hosting site, your account will automatically be suspended. So make sure you don’t add any spam/phishing content.

While we make sure that your experience with us is as smooth as possible, we also make sure that the quality of our hosting platform is not compromised. Therefore, for the best user experience, please be mindful of the above requirements and restrain from creating multiple accounts or generating spam or unethical phishing content.

What To Do Next

Take corrective action if your account was suspended for any of the above reasons. For any other queries, reach out to us at [email protected]