• If you want to include cPanel shared or reseller hosting in your product offering, you must start with adding your cPanel & WHM server details to HostingSeekers.
  • To add the cPanel & WHM server to HS, two ports should be open for inbound connections from your cPanel server: 2086 & 2087
  • Check if the two-factor authentication is enabled on your cPanel & WHM server. If yes, then disable it for API requests.
  • Next, generate an API token in WHM. To get more details on this, please watch the video given below.

Common Problems You May Encounter


Access Denied/Permission Denied

This error shows that the cPanel server has denied access to HostingSeekers for performing the requested action (e.g., create or modify the account). To troubleshoot or resolve this issue, you must ensure that:

  1. The server settings configured in HostingSeekers are all valid.
  2. The API credentials have all the essential permissions required to perform the desired action.
  3. The Username and Server under the Products/Services tab in the client area in HostingSeekers should be exactly the same as the account records in cPanel.
  4. The selected user on the server settings page must have all the necessary permissions required to manage the cPanel hosting account in question.

Disable 2FA for cPanel API

To ensure the functioning of the cPanel module when 2FA is enabled for your account, it is mandatory to disable the 2FA requirement for API requests.

For this to happen:

  1. Log in to WHM as root.
  2. Go to Security Center > Configure Security Policies
  3. Uncheck API requests and click Save.