At HostingSeekers, we accept various payment methods. You can choose to pay the invoices via credit card or PayPal.
At first, our billing system will try to charge your invoices via your first-time purchased payment method. in case you run out of funds, or if your bank server is facing some issues, you can reimburse your invoices through the alternative method.

Use the below-mentioned steps to reimburse your invoices using PayPal.

How can I Pay My Invoices via PayPal?

Step #1 — Navigate to Account
Log in to your HostingSeekers Platform using your email address and password.

How can I Pay my Invoices via credit card?

You’re ready to go. Your invoice will be settled once you pay successfully via PayPal.

If still, you need any help, feel free to search your query on HostingSeekers Support Center or contact us via chat. Alternatively, you can also raise a support ticket.