This article will help you know how you select your preferred method to get paid.

Select How You Get Paid

To help you access your money, HostingSeekers offer a number of choices for funds withdrawal. Using these payment methods, you can directly withdraw to your bank account:

  •  Direct Bank
  •  PayPal

Please note that the availability of payment methods may vary by country. Also, some banks in addition to those mentioned above may even charge you incoming fees. Your available options will be displayed at the time of adding a payment method. Please ensure that you compare costs and access options according to your country before selecting a method.

If you are withdrawing directly to your bank account, the beneficiary name on your bank account must match your verified name

Set Up a Payment Method

  • 1). Go To: Left side navigation >> Payments section >> Payment Method
  • 2). New page will open. Click Add Payment Method

How much time will it take to receive the payment?

How to remove the payment method?