Add funds to your account easily via credit card or PayPal and pay your invoices. You can also add additional funds to automatically pay for future invoices.
You can also use this feature to make a yearly payment. Additional funds for up to 12 months can be added in advance as per your current monthly usage. You can check your estimated next invoice amount using the Real-time Billing feature. The future invoices will be automatically adjusted once the funds are added from the available funds.
In case of insufficient funds to pay for an invoice, the outstanding bill amount will be automatically charged from your provided credit card.

Follow the simple steps to explain how to upload funds to your HostingSeekers account:

Step #1 — Navigate to Account

Log in to your HostingSeekers Platform using your email address and password.

That’s it! We hope this article was helpful. If you need any help, then feel free to search your query on HostingSeekers Support Center or contact us via chat (Need a Hand > Send us a Message). In addition to this, you can also create and raise a support ticket.