First impressions are crucial in business. However, you may be missing out on an easy way to improve yours with a Create Business emails address. Creating a business email address using Gmail or Yahoo may seem to be an easy and affordable solution. However, these free accounts lack the professionalism of a custom business email address.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to Create business emails address with Hostingseekers. By incorporating your website’s domain into your primary contact email, you’ll reassure users that they’ve got access to the right information. Not limited to this, it’ll also help you improve your brand’s appearance.

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Creating an email account is much easier in the HostingSeekers panel. You have to follow the guidelines cited below:

  • Navigate to Manage Sites, then Click on Your Domain for which you want to create an email account:HostingSeekers Dashboard
  • Click on “Email”:Arrow Indicating Emails in Dashboard | HostingSeekers
  • Click on “Create Email Account”:Craete Email Account | HostingSeekers Guide
  • After clicking “Create Email Account”, You can make your account and give a password to it along with giving a quota to it.Email Account Sing Up